KLM Minatures 

For Sale!

Via this site you can purchase the KLM Miniatures of the KLM Business Class ! 

The KLM Miniatures, only for guests of the KLM Business Class (of the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines), is a serie smal bottles shaped to the form of typical Dutch Houses in Amsterdam, Delft, Gouda and other nice cities. It is the Delft Blue with a typical Dutch liquor, Jenever, made by BOLS. Bols is the #1 brand of Dutch Gin.

Now for sale from a frequent KLM Business Class traveler! 

The whole set is now 98 miniatures, and for the VIP customers also the famous Royal Palace on the Dam square in Amsterdam and its successor the Cheese Market Building of Gouda (De Waag). 


KLM Miniatures

from Euro 10.- a piece if buying more then 10 


If you need only 1 miniature the price is 15 Euro.  

excl. Shipping which is pending the destination, but will be around Euro 13.- for Europe & Euro 21.- to the USA by Surface Mail (be aware about lead-times..) Payment NOW also possible via Paypal and thus Credit Cards - but due to their much higher cost I have to ask you 3% extra.

(I am able to advise you upfront the postage to your address! And be aware, the shipping cost for upto 3  miniatures is almost the same as for just 1 miniature to most destinations!)

The KLM-Miniatures are in mint condition, 

unopened with the original cork and seal! 

So not 'repaired', 're-filled' or 're-conditioned' 

You are buying the item itself, not the contents. The miniature house can have any liquor inside, but this is not guaranteed (or liqueur is evaporated)  Any content is coincidental, and is not meant for consumption (anymore...). 

Click the link 'List of available numbers' for the available ones. The list is not always completely up-to-date... travel and work will consume time.... Please e-mail for inquiries and I will be back with the actual situation. And for purchases of 10 or more miniatures, a suitable discount is made available.

For detailed info about the history of KLM Miniatures, I advise you to check the webpages of family member of the late Mr. Rynbende, the first vendor of the Dutch Gin to KLM already in the 1950's.  www.rynbende.com! It shows you also a lot of Delft Blue gimmicks and typical Rynbende items.

For e-mail, you can email to the adress below;


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For pictures (photo's) you can click on the buttons below (will take some more seconds to download...) 

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With best regards from Rob Neugebauer

The Netherlands

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